Verses + Timelines

– General 18th/19th Century World –

ModernMajorGeneral! – Priscilla’s daily London life of comedies and tragedies, sneaking to the theatre as “Cassandra Jones”, high society, and trying to learn her Uncle’s trade… all while trying to stay out of clumsy trouble. What could possibly be in store for her today?

KimbleTrades! – Priscilla takes her Uncle’s trading business more seriously and pursues mastering her spot in the trading empire just waiting for her.

– Rising Actress World –

(Where Priscilla rebels & snubs high London society and chooses the life and pursuit of an opera & stage actress.)

ToAspire!  – Priscilla is struggling to find acceptance into one of the many London Theatres, even with the help of her music instructor Mr. Hart! She has a lot to improve, and mostly in self-confidence and her vocal technique, but her ambitions are high.

CurtainCall! – Priscilla has made it to the Theatre Royale as a chorus girl/understudy and is now trying to find her voice and rise to the top. But the other difficult divas are proving this a daunting task. She’s often going out on errands for said divas and bossed around as the underdog. (This verse is also referred to a lot as an alternative to ModernMajorGeneral!)

BigDebut! –  Priscilla makes her big debut as the starring role in a successful Opera/Shakespearian play at the Theatre Royale. The competition is at its fiercest, but the taste of making it big is palpable at last.

TheStageIsMine! – Priscilla is rising to stardom as a famous opera and stage actress in London. A prima donna at last, and her name begins to spread throughout Europe. And so also begins her travels across the continent! But with stardom comes the burdens of staying at the top – and of course, the press.

JoieDeParis! – [aka Paris AU] –  “Cassandra Jones” has made her mark in the limelight as a successful actress on the English stage & at he Royal Opera House and now performs (and abides) at the Paris Opera. Glamour, scandal, and sensations are a daily occurrence – lavish parties, ravishing lovers, champagne and couture. Rumor has it she’s even taken to the opera house manager – or is there something beneath the surface here at stake?

– Childhood –

LittleThing! – Priscilla as a young teenage girl. Even after 5 years living with her Uncle, she all too much misses Shropshire and her parents. Confused and sad she wonders why she hasn’t heard from her family and is still getting used to being addressed as “Miss Kimbleton”(instead of Miss Duncan). Restless, testing, cheeky, and the definition of ‘spoiled brat’ is what her governess Mrs. Adele describes her as. Yet she finds contentment in the study and sound of birds. Perhaps when she grows up she can be an Ornithologist. She is also ironically intrigued by High Society and annually pesters her Uncle asking when she’s old enough for her Debutante Court Presentation.

– PotC World –

LondonLife! – Pre-Kidnapped POTC verse. Her Uncle is a retired EITC Official, and an old acquaintance of Lord Beckett. Events around the same timeframe as the ModernMajorGeneral! verse.

Kidnapped! – Priscilla’s been kidnapped from London to the Caribbean, not knowing a thing about life on the sea, or pirates, or how to get back to London. Yikes!! But over time… will she still want to return to London…?

Tortuga! – After barely escaping/being abandoned by her kidnappers in the middle of pirate infested Tortuga, Priscilla is faced with the life-and-death struggle of survival on this crazy island. She has rarely ever touched a sword before and almost vomits at the mere sight of bloodshed, but has a knack at the art of stealth and much prefers the use of a pair of daggers for self-defense.

Pirate! – Two years of trying to stay alive and fending for herself in the Caribbean, Priscilla has finally become none other than a pirate herself. As much as home and comfort is greatly missed, the freedom of the sea and adventure tastes oh so sweet.

— Alt POTC Verse —

Ported! – Due to her Uncle’s job relocation moving him to the Caribbean, Priscilla now lives in Port Royal. Huzzah!

MyJollySailorBold! – [aka Siren/Mermaid AU] Branch from v: Kidnapped! Fate unfortunately was not so kind to Priscilla this time… her kidnappers were never brought to justice and her limp delicate frame sank below the water’s surface. However… although her fate was cruel, it wasn’t merciless. She awoke a mermaid beneath the waters, and a ghostly siren when she dried on land.

– Modern World –

Modern! – Priscilla is a part time college student majoring in Theatre & Performing Arts and works part time at the Library or any number of odd jobs from fashion retail to journalism. She hopes to get into acting. She has a quirky geek roommate named Penny.

—— – Alternate Universe’s – ——

Oceanic Flight 815 –

Reason they were on the plane: After attending a large conference in Sydney, on the plane to change flights in LA to Vancouver.

Short Bio: Priscilla is a theater/acting student from Vancouver, Canada (but originally from England). She’s not much of an ourdoors-y person (she’d much rather be on her Mac laptop in a Starbucks or at the theater) but has a strange fascination for birds. Personality-wise, she’s sweet, a scardy-cat, distracted, kinda nerdy, an average student; but as head of the “Hugs & Hearts” club, she’s a motivator. (( so like she’s the kind of person to one moment be like “We can’t give up!! We can do this as a team!!” — and then scream and hide behind someone at the sight of a spider XD))

Anything else you want to add? « C’mon everyone, we can’t let this get to us. We know it’s rough, but we’re together, right? A single ant can pick up a crumb, but a bunch of ants can move an entire loaf! We —AHHH! SPIDER!!! A BLOODY SPIDER!! KILL IT!!! SOMEONE KILL ITTTT!!!!!!! — …. …. … — Go Team…? » 

JazzAge! – Similar plot to the Rococo/Victorian world but takes place in the Roaring Twenties! Likely also taking place in New York City with Priscilla trying to become a Ziegfeld girl. During the evenings -behind her Uncle’s back- she sings at the Speakeasy.

Outlaw AU! – Priscilla is an outlaw in the wild west with her faithful steed. You never know what ghost town she may go a’haunting next.

Saloon AU! – Priscilla works at a saloon as a barmaid and tries avoiding the daily flying bullets and brawls.

AnimatedAbroad AU! – Anime!Priscilla or for her AU schoolgirl days studying abroad

BattleBlockTheater AU! – v: theshowmustgoon – Priscilla Jones is one of Sir Purrham’s hat’s past owners before Hatty & The SS. Friendship arrive on Battle Block Island. Priscilla is a London-born actress who from a series of unfortunate events washed up on the island shores and was cared for by the cats, later to become their leader and take on Purrham’s hat and run his theater. Legend has it after years of prosperity returned to the island, she fell into a strange slumber and sleeps in a hidden room in the theatre to this very day. Is it true? If she awakes and sees Hatty and company and her cat’s new leader what is to come??