The Kimbleton Uncle

The Uncle


Sir Thomas William Kimbleton

Social Rank: Baronet

Age: 40s

Personality: Noble, Stoic, Pensive, Caring, Fatherly, Serious

Weaknesses: Cool stand-offishness, Distracted to the point of callousness due to work, Getting overly pre-occupied with work, Impatience, Letting the futile things get to him, Grumpiness

Interests: Reading, Business, Horsemanship, Work, The Classics, Philosophy, Silks, Travel, Cartography

Occupation: Businessman in Trade & Finance in his own private merchandizing of silk. Formerly an Official in the East India Trading Company.

Location: He lives in London, England in a Georgian Terrace in Marylebone.

Family: Priscilla (Niece). Philip Kimbleton (Father). Cecelia Wright-Kimbleton (Mother). Henry Evan (eldest child, brother). Charles Hugo (2nd child, brother, deceased). Josephine Viva Duncan-Kimbleton (3rd child, Sister & Priscilla’s Mother). Fredrick Stuart (4th child, brother, deceased). He grew up in a family with one sister and 3 other brothers. two of whom have passed away. He was the youngest of the 5 children.

History:  Thomas grew up in an upper middle class family, born & raised in London, who’s strict father, Phillip Kimbleton, was a Baronet Knight, inherited down the family by his great-grandfather. His mother, Cecelia, was very nurturing, and thanks to her, derived his compassionate, caring nature.

Though their life was fairly comfortable, from an early age they were taught to be economic with their earnings and savings. This came in necessity when the family faced very difficult years after a fire burned down house, destroying their belongings and killing Thomas’ twin brother Fredrick. Fredrick always told Thomas he wanted to see him go to Oxford one day, and that’s exactly what Thomas did. It was a difficult feat, but well worth the struggle. In his youth at Oxford he was a dedicated student and also a highly skilled competitive polo player. Upon completing his higher education at Oxford, Thomas began his career in a small Silk Trade Firm to help his family regain their losses.

As he continued to pursue his career, he saw the weddings of his eldest brother and sister. His second brother Charles however decided to chose a life of discovery and set off for deserts and jungles and unknown adventures – which eventually sealed his fate to a band of pigmies. However his journals, postcards, and letters were donated to the local museum in his memory.

The few times Charles brought Thomas on voyages exposed Thomas to his love of travel, and during that time Thomas was offered a position in the East India Trading Company as an Official overseas. Thomas didn’t mind this as he was rather unfortunate in love and never settled or was engaged.

Meanwhile his sister Josephine moved to the countryside after marrying a Physician and birthed a daughter, while his brother Henry moved to France with his parents and raised a large family.

The highlight of Thomas’ career as an EITC Official was when after one of the EITC ships was taken siege in Gibraltar with the crew taken captive. Most of the crew escaped and returned to shore, however one was left behind and remained captive. When many of the other Officials refused to give the ransom for the captive, out of his own pocket Thomas insisted on contributing to the ransom money given the captors to set the young man free. He later became good friends with the young man, and oversaw his work in Gibraltar. Insisting the young man return to England with him and work at the EITC London headquarters some years later. Thomas did in fact do so & taught the young man some of the ropes of trade before parting their ways. That same year Thomas retired from the full-time rigorous work of the EITC and begun working in his own private merchandizing company.

Upon his return to England with the young man, Thomas found his sister, Josephine, greeting him alone at his doorstep with his 8 year old niece, Priscilla. Josephine pleaded with Thomas to care for the child and change the child’s surname back to Kimbleton while some “undisclosed complicated arrangements” were being settled back in Shropshire. It was the last he saw of his sister.

12 years later of guardianship and with the help of a nanny named Adele, his housekeeper Sylvia, and his good friend and butler “Jeeves” Nelson; he actually successfully raised his niece Priscilla from the annoyingly rambunctious curious little girl… into a proper young lady… who was still rambunctious and annoying with curious fascination for birds and acting.

Now that Priscilla is of age ripe for marriage, he does encourage her to take suitors, however her free-spirited and clumsy behavior proves this difficult.

He still keeps some contact with his family in France, and once work clears he plans to visit them again during holiday, and still tries reaching out to his sister Josephine – but alas to no avail.

Daily life now consists of comfortable work, business outings, tolerating Priscilla’s practice sessions while reading in his study, and walks in the nearby park.


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