Mister Hart

New Side Character! Presenting… Mr. Markus Hart !


Historical/Modern/PotC AU Side Character:  Markus Josephus Hart

Faceclaim: Michael Sheen/William Boldwood in Far From the Madding Crowd(2015)

Occupation: Priscilla’s Music Instructor, Musician, Violinist, Pianist, Writer, Un-Socialite, Old friend of Uncle Thomas Kimbleton from their Oxford student days

Personality: A Jester, Laid back yet serious, Disdainer for the hypocrisies of the upper class London society, Always preoccupied in his music one way or another, Gentleman, Short-Tempered on rainy days

Synopsis: Markus Hart was born and raised in London in an upper class old money family, living a very comfortable life that often included numerous fanciful dinners and soirees. He attended Oxford University where he met Priscilla’s uncle, Thomas Kimbleton, and they became close friends. Upon returning to London and the socialite life, so grew his disdain and contempt for high society, so he decided to remove himself and dedicate his life to music, performing on the select occasion simply for self-jest. He continues to keep in contact with his friend Thomas [Kimbleton] and other Oxford acquaintances, and has agreed to instruct Thomas’ niece Priscilla in musical arts. On the rare special occasion (or surprise) he participates in Priscilla’s at-home plays and performances.

One afternoon when Priscilla was musing about life as an actress, he jested about how simple it was to become an actress simply by connections and a good audition and Priscilla took him seriously, excitedly pleading he sneak her into a Drury Lane theatre to try the stage for herself. Very reluctantly, after weeks of pestering, he eventually agreed to assist her little “act”.