I feel like we, as a society, really need to step up and get our insult game back up to Victorian levels.

“You big boiled-egg, you – What do you mean by calling me a “swill-pail”? Haven’t you got any better manner, you conglomerate mass of Adipose Tissue?”

(Letter to Jack from his friend ‘Osa’, dated October 24, 1900.)


Protective/controlling sentence starters

1. “You can’t come with me. It’s too dangerous.”
2. “Go to your room and lie low until this is over.”
3. “Give me that right now. You don’t know how to use it.“
4. “If anyone even looks at you wrong, I am going to wring their neck.“
5. “I can’t trust you to stay safe if you keep wandering off.“
6. “Leave this to me. Don’t worry about it.“
7. “You’re too precious to be risked.“
8. “You are not cut out for this kind of thing. Let me handle everything.“
9. “Where were you? I told you to stay put.“
10. “I will not let you put yourself at risk.“