That feeling when you suddenly remember your dream from last night .., and then you remember it was about the Franklin Expedition in some quaint British seaside town riding elephants and chipping at ice blocks and climbing up lighthouses and getting drinks at Starbucks but in Victorian clothing and you’re like ????? What era is this supposed to be cuz there’s no cars??? Wait did that really happen???

Force my Muse to Spill their Secrets


🌧- For a heavy, emotional secret

🙃- For a lighter, slightly embarrassing secret

🌟- For a secret wish or desire of theirs

🍏- For something they secretly wish didn’t exist

🍎- For something they secretly wish did exist

❤️- For a secret crush

📲- Talk about someone/something you dislike, but only pretend to like

👁‍🗨- Talk about someone/something you like, but pretend to dislike

🍻- For something bad/mischievous you did as a child or teen that your parents don’t know about

🌜- For a ‘weird’ habit or tic that no one knows about

💃- For a talent that they like to keep hidden from others

🏹- For a talent they wish they had

👻- For something that scares or disturbs them, but they refuse to tell anyone

☢️- For a controversy or scandal they have been able to keep mostly under wraps

🐇- For a secret item they keep (stuffed animal, comfort object, etc)

📒- For a secret journal/diary they keep (Bonus: Share an entry from it!)

📔- For a secret sketchbook they keep (Bonus: Share a sketch or doodle within it!)

🖤- For something they secretly wish they could do with your muse

❓- Free Space! Ask them about a specific secret!


Though born and raised in Pennsylvania, Mary Cassatt traveled to France for additional artistic training and remained there for the rest of her life. In Paris she took up the radical stylistic innovations of the Impressionists, becoming the only American invited to join their ranks. Learn more about Cassatt’s work in “The Impressionist’s Eye” opening April 16. 

Woman with a Pearl Necklace in a Loge,” 1879, by Mary Cassatt