New rp wishlist item: The Ghost & Mrs Muir inspired plot

Plot description from Google:

Defying her conventional in-laws, young widow Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney) leaves London with her young daughter and moves away for a quieter life in a secluded seaside cottage. Lucy discovers the ghost of the deceased former owner, sea captain Daniel Gregg (Rex Harrison), is haunting the house, but gathers the courage to stand up to him, and woman and ghost become friends. Faced with dwindling means of support, Lucy agrees to the Captain’s challenge to write his colorful life story.


Warrant officers’ buttons, post-1807: surgeon’s, purser’s, master’s. The purser’s and master’s buttons bear the arms of the Victualling Office and the Navy Office, respectively: I think that the surgeon’s button bears those of the Sick and Hurt Board, but I’m about 5000 miles from a primary source, so I won’t swear to it. Gunners, bosuns, and carpenters wore a simpler fouled anchor button. National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.