Send a ✮ & I’ll generate a number ( platonic edition )


or send a number for a hug/kiss 

  1. cheek kiss
  2. shy kiss
  3. first kiss
  4. forehead kiss
  5. gentle kiss
  6. scar kiss
  7. hand kiss
  8. friendly kiss
  9. chaste kiss
  10. spin the bottle kiss
  11. an eskimo kiss
  12. butterfly kisses ( eyelash kiss )
  13. a kiss pressed to each fingertip
  14. a kiss on the hairline
  15. a kiss to the temples
  16. a kiss to the corner of the mouth
  17. a kiss to bruised skin
  18. a kiss on the knuckles
  19. Nose Kiss
  20. Gentle Peck
  21. Eyelid Kiss
  22. Bear Hug
  23. Sleepy hug
  24. Cuddle hug
  25. Unreciprocated hug
  26. “Far too long since we’ve seen each other” hug
  27. From behind hug
  28. “Something scared me” hug
  29. The Lift hug
  30. One armed hug
  31. Friendly hug
  32. The emotional hug
  33. Failed hug
  34. Run and Jump hug
  35. Side hug
  36. Comforting hug
  37. Family hug
  38. Hug around waist
  39. Clinging hug
  40. ‘’Don’t let go’’ hug
  41. ‘’I thought I’d never see you again” hug
  42. Warm hug
  43. Awkward hug
  44. Cold hug


Sailing by Orion’s Star by @kcrabb88

It all began with 6-year-old Enjolras and 21-year-old Javert crossing toy swords beneath the stars on the deck of an EITC ship. Years later, Les Amis use the sea as their revolution against destructive colonialism in the Caribbean, all under the tutelage of a certain escaped convict and his family, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Paths cross and the past arises, all swirling up from the depths of the sea.