In honor of Priscilla officially being adopted into the Gibbons family in her new AU, I couldn’t help but draw these adorkable people in a family portrait of sorts ❤ 

Left to right:

Charlotte Gibbons(mama), Priscilla Gibbons(big sis by a few months), Jane Gibbons(lil sis), & George Gibbons(papa)

And the scenes in the background are just silliness I just needed to draw XD Such as George being ultra defensive of his daughters & tossing any unwanted suitors over his shoulder before hurling them out the front door… with a mortified &heartbroken Pris, comforting Charlotte, & embarrassed Jane.

And of course Pris & Jane oogling through the window at the ribbons store (Heaven help these girls they’ll buy out the entire stock…)

thank you @janexgibbons !!


Jean-Jacques Henner (French, 1829-1905)

The Penitent Magdalene, 1878

Oil on canvas

Musée des Beaux-Arts, 

Mulhouse, France

As far as Priscilla’s history in posing for artists this one caught my attention with quite the curiosity. Given that the model’s bosom is exposed is entirely against Pris’ agreements with any painter. But given she’s looking away is very much like what Pris woulddo. Which makes me wonder if this is in fact an art Pris posed for and either a. the artist later repainted the bosom after Pris left or b. Pris ammended because she was in slight desperate need of money or c. Pris was feeling scandalous & getting over a breakup. or of course d. this isn’t Pris.

who knows?