Send some hearts to tell my muse how yours feels about them.


❤️: Wants or is in a romantic relationship with them.

💛: Loves them platonically.

💚: Is a little jealous of them.

💙: Feels pretty indifferent towards them.

💜: Finds them sexually attractive.

💖: Finds them aesthetically attractive.

💗: Finds them romantically attractive.

💞: Feels attracted to them, but can’t work out if it’s platonic, sexual, or romantic attraction they’re feeling.

💝: Looks up to them as a role model.

💓: Is intimidated by them, but wants to be friends with them.

💔: Hates their guts.

💘: Doesn’t really like them, but doesn’t flat-out hate them either.


Holy moly, replies are back

Your familiar friend for talking about posts is rolling out over the next few days, and it’s learned a ton since it’s been away. Now replies let you:

  • Reply multiple times to a post.
  • Reply to your own posts. 
  • See all of a post’s replies in one place.
  • Decide who can and can’t reply to you. (It’s in your blog settings.)

All that adds up to being able to talk about a post, right inside of a post, even as it travels from Tumblr to Tumblr. So, starting with posts created today, you’ll see a new notes view to help you follow that conversation. Looook:


If you’ve been waiting for this, thanks for your patience. If you’re new to replies, come discover their unique flavor. Spicier than a like, sweeter than a reblog, served on a big family-style platter. All part of a balanced diet. Have fun replying, Tumblr.

Want more details? You can get the nitty-gritty on replies and notes over in our help docs.

Celine! your work is beautiful! I really love that interior for Phantom of the Opera. What was your process for that?


Sorry I got back to this question so late, I wanted to take my time to organize the process.

1.RESEARCH: I actually have tons of more images but these are my main references. I tried to grasp the design and the lighting here.

2. SUPER ROUGH SKETCH: Just to give me an idea of the design and the general placement of the furniture.

3. Rough Lighting: This is never a final but here I’m trying to find the right path to visualize the lighting+mood I had in mind.

4. Clean up sketch: Tighten the shapes and details so that I don’t lose them when I paint.

5. The all-mighty crit time: After a crit+suggestions I went through some major construction change to give the room more interesting shape.

6. Re-sketch: I added some other furniture thinking more about the eye-path and variety of size and shape.

7. Finishing~: Yup. Basically detailing and photobashing, really trying to aim for the mood I want for this environment!

So…this is pretty it hope I answered it well!