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Not that i need another roleplay, or even a 1×1, but I would really be happy if I could do something with a plot like Married at First Sight. Where Muse A and Muse B sign up for this thing where they get matched up with someone, and are married to them, and they need to try to get to know one another. There could be a lot of angst, and awkwardness, and just – ugh. I dunno, I think it could be great. 


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She draped the returned object around her shoulders. Fortunate he should return it, simply standing there his company again gave her a chill. She wanted to excuse herself, but hoped before so for perhaps the smallest restitution.

« Again I thank you, Sir.
            However, I wish I was more fortunate in other capacities of life.  
                       I still, humbly beseech your forgiveness for my folly …  
                                     I am beginning to perceive I have been cursed lack of grace. »

    Darcy nodded. Curious that she seemed almost frightened – did she think he would punish her for so insignificant a mistake? His brow furrowed with the thought.

    Do you often doubt your self worth, madam? I fear there are greater things to trouble yourself over. I have dismissed your apology, as there is no need for one. Why do you insist that I forgive you still?


Priscilla half-scoffed at the query, yet managed to catch herself with a brusk ‘Ahem!’.
Social dignity had a funny way to hold it’s own importance. 

« Honestly, it lightens the burden of slander’s humiliation. This year (as opposed to sublime years prior since my court presentation) social misfortune appears to be following at my heels. So I try to make amends as best I can …  »