Plot 123: Victorian Era (1837-1901) Plots

  • Muse A has been
    groomed since birth to be a respectable noble-person, constantly reminded to
    practice the etiquette proper for their gender and expected to anticipate the
    day they will meet a well-bred suitor.  Muse B has never enjoyed the privileged life despite being within
    arm’s reach of it; they’ve worked on the estate grounds for Muse A’s family since they were a mere child
    and have observed the high life of the aristocracy all the while with envious
    eyes. Perhaps due to their contrary social standings, Muse A has always been fascinated with Muse B and vice versa. With Muse
    constantly under the watchful eye of their chaperone, Muse A and Muse B have resorted to leaving letters for one another in an old
    tree on the property; they’ve been planning for several days to meet one
    another in secret.  
  • Muse A is fortunately
    matched to be married to Muse B, a
    wealthy aristocrat of higher ranking than the patriarchs of their own family.
    Though publicly reputed to be charitable and of high moral character, Muse B is a boorish, cruel person
    behind closed doors. Muse B’s
    sibling, Muse C, is sympathetic
    about Muse A’s undesirable union and one dreary evening they confide that this is not Muse B’s first marriage;
    they’ve had to endure their sibling’s awful behavior since they were young and they strongly suspect that Muse B was responsible for the demise of their first betrothed. Muse A and Muse C bond over their shared disdain for Muse B and they ultimately conspire to put an end to Muse B’s wickedness.
  • When their successful, merchant
    father amasses enough wealth to afford a valuable piece of property, a rather
    unrefined Muse A finds themselves thrust
    suddenly into the upper class. Though they have no title by birth, Muse
    is now considered eligible for courtship by noble sort. Now more than ever,
    it’s of great importance that Muse A learns proper deportment- how to
    conduct themselves in society-from a professional; Muse B
    is hired for this purpose, to prepare Muse
    for their debut to society at a grand ball. Every day Muse A attends etiquette lessons, in
    which Muse B attempts to teach essentials
    such as how to dress, how to ride a horse, and how to behave at a formal banquet and so on.
    Muse A proves to be an exhausting
    student, never quite behaving as they should, questioning every rule. 
  • Muse A is an
    unhappy member of the royal family.  Since
    they were a child, they’ve been reared to be a perfect model of virtue and
    modesty for the common people. For years, they’ve upheld boring traditions and repressed
    their true passions for the good of the crown. One
    afternoon, Muse A attends a play at
    the queen’s theater and is shocked by the vulgarity of the actors’ speech and risqué
    costumes. The shock quickly turns into intrigue. Though Muse A’s seated in
    an ornate balcony, sectioned off from the lower-class attendees, Muse A insists on meeting the actors after the play concludes. Muse B,
    the playwright and lead actor, is humbled when Muse A applauds their work and immediately commissions them to
    write another play. Muse B is excited, until Muse A reveals that they would like to star in this new play. If the queen disapproves of Muse B’s role for Muse A (or the new play in general), more than Muse B’s livelihood will be at stake.

Tittle Tiff || a-ferocious-honesty + myxcenterxstage



Success! Something to reprieve the ill-awaited topic. Bonus to banter on the success of the performance. The manager’s company and conversation wasn’t so welcomed, but she’d make the most of it, perhaps? 

Her full sense of charm blossomed before him in a relieved instant, trying to appease the situation, but at the same time genuinely delighting in the topic. How she loved everything about Paris, about the Opera House, about the its stage and vision.  

« Ahh, Oui~! The costumes! For once I agree with you, Monsieur. Oh, how the colors, designs, were all so spectacular! How it came together – the designers are true geniuses, oui~? »

Was she being deliberately dense or cunning? Javert watched her closely but still couldn’t tell. Eventually he settled on the latter, which was a sort of back-handed compliment while also unflattering. At least, it was meant to be. Underhanded manipulation was among his least favorite uses of someone’s intellect.

And no question she had it. That made it all the more frustrating. He unclenched his teeth just enough to speak and found it actually ached. If only he could charge her the dental bill—! Well then. That was the last of his patience evaporated.

“Why were you in the theater after hours?” He would leave the rest for later, but if he received honesty in return that would go a long way towards remedying his annoyance.


Well. That ‘pleasant’ conversation ended abruptly premature. Her mood very quickly dropped when that interrogation unfortunately couldn’t seem to be avoided much longer and she felt she was practically snapped at. Goodness gracious, when would this irritable man learn to control his temper? 

Another glance to the open door. Urgh, she couldn’t stand how it was as though for all the world to listen. How dare he. One wrong word from her and it would be the press’ chance to turn a spark to a conflagration. 

« I don’t recall there being any curfews after such a successful performance as last night’s. It was such a delightful evening, I simply didn’t want to leave so soon. Of course it was raining as well… »  



« Magnifique! »

Her smile brightened in agreement. Quietly she was grateful for the privilege to abide in Paris to give her the language assistance in a new country. « A pleasure to make your acquaintance as well~! » 

She squeaked a chuckle at his sweet gesture and words, but soon composed herself as her hand was kissed  and she gave a short curtsey.
« As you may know, I am Cassandra Jones to my stage and to the press… »
Slowly, she leaned closer to him, whispering, with a hint of tease in her voice, 
« But you, Sir Rudolf, you may call me Priscilla~ » 

   “ Priscilla. He tested the name out, grinning at the almost melodic sound it carried. Frankly, it was a name he had always liked, and he found that it quite suited the blonde girl in front of him.

   “ I take it you don’t often give out your real name to many fans. What makes me the exception? How ironic that, while he now knew HER name, she still had no clue as to his true identity – though he had no doubt that if she DID know, her reaction would be one of mortification for daring to speak to the Crown Prince in such a way. Was he being deceptive? He HOPED not; he was only having a bit of harmless fun. Priscilla would figure it out eventually.

The flush returned to her cheeks hearing her name spoken from such a sublime voice. It’s red hue remained so as she nodded to his question. The poor girl would certainly faint the moment she’d learn who was the Crown Prince. Until then, ignorance was bliss.

« Indeed~ It is a privilege I give on only the rarest of occasions~ » 


« In all honesty, Rudolf, there is something about you~ » She glanced away playfully a moment, and then back at him, tapping her chin with her index finger. « I can’t quite put my finger on it… But what I can say is there is something about you that’s exceptional … especially compared to anyone else I’ve met in Vienna~ » 



« Does it now? 
  Hm, from what I heard the critics raved over the menu.
  … Have you another suggestion? »

He knows I have to return to the theatre in an hour, doesn’t he?

“It doesn’t matter, actually. I find myself not hungry at the moment. Do feel free to order something for yourself though.”


« Very well. Perhaps an appetizer of some sort –
       You seem pensive, Professor? Is something on your mind? » 



« Tut… » She gave a short flustered exhale.  

« Unfortunately because of my own Uncle! 
He took the news of my decision of acting… unwell,
So, unless I am well married or all Europe’s beloved
I can’t step foot in my own guardians house again. »

“Your–your uncle too?”

Uncles seemed to be the root
of all hardships in his friends’ lives,
mainly with Nicholas and now with
Priscilla. He thought hard, clenching
his hand as he tried to think of a

“What–what if you act married?
You–you could get–get married
t’ someone in a play!”

« Yes. – You… as well Smike? »

Rueful as she felt, Smike’s kindness
seemed to lift her spirits. She raised
an eyebrow looking at him surprised
by his suggestion for a solution. 

« Act… married? Goodness, Smike! That’s
an idea, there! Though, I’ve not the foggiest
how I would convince him –
engagement…? » 



  • your character is allowed to have misconceptions about my character.
  • your character is allowed to assume mine is stereotypical.
  • your character is allowed to have an opinion of mine based on appearance.
  • your character is allowed to judge mine.
  • your character is allowed to TREAT MINE LIKE A PERSON.