Aladdin is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!! I really think it’s a nice experience to watch movies in the movie theater so I would definitely recommend going to see it in the theaters at least once.

Have any of you seen the new Aladdin movie? What did you think of it? Is it worth seeing in theatre or wait ‘til the DVD comes out?


Okay, thanks, Nonnie!! I think I might just do that this weekend if I have the time… while it has a lot of childhood nostalgia and I’ve been really wary of reboots, this one might be worth a shot?? 

(p.s. anyone remember the Aladdin cartoon series growing up??? Or the 3rd movie which was really low budget but actually really good???)


“And the sky was so blue and the kisses were endless”

— A diary-entry from a Jewish child during the 2nd world war